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If you learn you need to have a tooth pulled, there is no reason to feel anxious. Extractions are straightforward and painless dental procedures, and professionals like Ben Peterson, DDS, and the team at High Desert Dental in Ontario, Oregon, offer excellent dental extractions that can preserve your overall dental health. Don't tolerate unnecessary pain any longer, call or click online today to get the relief that you deserve.

Extractions Q & A

When are tooth extractions necessary?

There are numerous reasons you might need to have a tooth pulled. Some of the factors that can make extraction the best treatment option include:

  • Removing a severely decayed tooth
  • Reducing crowding in your bite
  • Preparing for orthodontic treatment
  • Preparing for a dental implant or dentures
  • Removing an infected tooth that cannot be repaired with a root canal

There are also certain medical treatments that require tooth extractions as a preventive measure. Examples are organ transplant and chemotherapy, both of which alter your immune function.

What happens during tooth extractions?

On the day of your treatment, you’ll rest comfortably in the dental chair as a quick injection of local anesthetic eliminates all sensation in the area of the extraction. Next, Dr. Peterson uses a special dental tool called an elevator to begin rocking your tooth in a back-and-forth motion. 

This weakens the connection between tooth and bone. Eventually, Dr. Peterson will be able to grasp the tooth with forceps and remove it from the socket.

If your tooth is broken at the gumline or wedged between two adjacent teeth, it may need to be broken into smaller pieces to facilitate removal. There’s no need to worry, however, as you will be completely numb throughout the process.

Once your tooth is removed, Dr. Peterson places a piece of gauze over the site to slow the bleeding. The area will continue to be numb for a period of time before you regain sensation in that area of your jaw.

How can I take care of my extraction site?

During your appointment, you’ll receive instructions on how to care for your extraction site. Adhering to these guidelines is an essential part of a smooth healing process. 

It’s important to avoid placing any pressure or suction on the socket as the healing process moves forward. The socket will form a small blood clot that seals the area and facilitates healing. Any undue pressure can dislodge the clot and can cause a painful condition called dry socket.

Your gum tissue heals faster than virtually any other tissue type in the human body. With proper precautions in the days after your extraction, you’ll be back to normal eating and dental hygiene routines in no time.

If you’re ready to learn more about extractions and how they can support your dental health, call the office to set up a visit. Online booking is also an option and can be done from the comfort of home, any time of day or night. 

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